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Solution Science: Colorful Candy Chromatography
Dark chocolate is now a health food. Here's how that happened.
Mean sensory score of Ginger candy with different sugar solutions.
Effect of storage on the quality of preserves and candy .
Chocolate retail sales in the US have risen from $14.2 billion in 2007 to $18.9 billion in 2017, the market research group Euromonitor International found, ...
Total microbial load on tomato candy. Tomato candy after 15 days of preparation Tomato .
Weight loss of raw material.
Figure 1
The chocolate-industrial-research complex also distracts us from really important avenues of nutrition research, like better understanding what in our food ...
Candy crush saga
Total microbial load on ginger candy.
His study is among a growing body of research that suggests what we often think of as a gender pay gap is more accurately discussed as a childbearing pay ...
When I began teaching UX and Product Design years ago, I wanted to start the first class off with a fun activity. Something engaging the class could ...
The erosive potential of sour novelty sweets
The average nutritional composition of Chinese raw ginger and ginger candy with different sugar solution .
How 'Silent Spring' Ignited the Environmental Movement
Candy Crush Saga: sweet success for global flavour of the moment | Games | The Guardian
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Would you trust nutrition research underwritten by a GMO company? (NetPhotos / Alamy)
Creating Personas from User Research Results
Game app Candy Crush Saga
How 'Silent Spring' Ignited the Environmental Movement - The New York Times
Figure 1
Pokémon Go's boss on the game's future, Pokémon Let's Go, and event issues •
illustration of a scale, a plate and cutlery, and a heart
The secret of self-control.
Sweet by Shutterstock
Paul Gavarni Woman Chocolate Vendor (1855–1857)
Patrons frolic in the sprinkle pool at the Museum of Ice Cream's San Francisco location.
The genetics underlying Tourette disorder have remained largely a mystery -- until now.
Suzi Smith, used with permission
Illustration by Brobel Design for TIME ...
Maple Syrup Science: Cooking Up Some Candy
What's Behind the Burn of Warheads Extreme Sour Hard Candy
Research into psychedelics, shut down for decades, is now yielding exciting results.
Candy Snap Materials Science
Love Cocoa
Improved HF183 Quantitative Real-Time PCR Assay for Characterization of Human Fecal Pollution in Ambient Surface Water Samples | Applied and Environmental ...
Our three experimental designs are titled: Eye Candy Disruptor, EcoSensual Synesthesia and Gamification of Risk. This report includes the materials, ...
Results from Experiment 3: measured effort (time spent before giving up on an impossible
Research informed the public that sugar would neither make them overweight or give them cardiovascular problems. The above photo is an advertisement from ...
Researchers are first to sequence rare bacteria that causes rampant tooth decay
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The resilience of postglacial hunter-gatherers to abrupt climate change | Nature Ecology & Evolution
The results:
CRISPR, one of the biggest science stories of the decade, explained - Vox
Autism Empathy Tools by Heeju KIm (RCA). Allowing the wearer to experience first-hand what it's like for people with autism to see, hear and speak.
Children share when they work together, chimps do not
Comparing the Environmental Impact of Building vs. Buying a Home
What strong-willed people know
Evaluative research is assessing a specific problem to ensure usability and ground it in the wants, needs, and desires of real people.
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Results of referencing chasing Original Reference (source) Possible New Study Notes
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Litter composition in the Netherlands (in relative figures)
Crowdfunding literature with a focus on the intermediary
Illustration by 123 Klan for Fortune
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After months of speculation, Italian candy maker Ferrero finally emerged this week as the winner in the race for Nestle's US confectionery assets, ...
A (Short) Guide to Blockchain Consensus Protocols
Primary research is essentially coming up with new data to understand who you are designing for and what you would potentially plan on designing.
Figure 1
Breakthroughs in brain research explain how to make organizational transformation succeed.
As Big Candy Ditches GMOs, Sugar Beet Farmers Hit A Sour Patch
The “marshmallow test” said patience was a key to success. A new replication tells us s'more. - Vox
Results T-tests on the dimensions a
E. coli O157: H7, detected in ground beef that originated from the XL Fooods plant in Brooks, Alberta is the same strain that killed seven people during the ...
Figure 1
Experimental Design of the Three Experiments
... bars on the blacklist, and check back as I will be adding more safe bars as I discover them. In the meantime, give your kids dark chocolate ….sparingly.
Tooth decay
Table 1: Lab Results From PCP and Initial Appointment to Diabetes Specialty Care Team
Robert Lustig: the man who believes sugar is poison | Life and style | The Guardian
Results from Experiment 2: measured effort (number of balls dragged in 3 min)
A Japanese vendor selling sweets in "The Great Buddha Sweet Shop" from the Miyako meisho zue (1787)