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Image result for inanna goddess tammuz triangle trinity
Inanna/Ishtar Summerian/Babylonian goddess of love and war.
tammuz: The Star of Ishtar, a Babylonian symbol, depicted on a clay plaque from ancient Babylonia. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, NY.
Is There An Ancient Secret Connection Between The Statue Of Liberty And The Anunnaki Goddess Inanna? -
Hidden Truth Behind Goddess of Love, War & Sex
Tammuz, God of Mesopotamia. Ezekiel lists the worship of Tammuz as one of the abominations in God's sight ( 8:1-18 ) that was being practiced in the temple ...
Sumerian Goddess Inanna stone carved freeze of Sumerian Goddess Inanna
Sumerian Goddess Inanna
Two thousand years before the accepted birth of Christ, ancient Babylonians marked the beginning of
Inanna (Ishtar) Part 1 (Warning: Long post! You've probably heard about the goddess Ishtar. Her Sumerian name is Inanna.
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Goddess Ishtar And God Tammuz Cover
The three daughters of the Semitic god, Hubal. From left to right: Al-Uzza, Al-Lat and Menat formed a holy trinity in Ancient Arabia.
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Babylon shows the Goddess mother Semiramis with her child Tammuz (cupid)in her arms, b.rome was already worshipping sun goes prior to constantine's edict
18 Seals of the mother goddess Inanna - from Sumerian culture
Semiramis was the moon goddess of Babylonia. Nimrod was a mighty hunter the son of Cush. Cush had married Semiramis and they had Nimrod who later married ...
Drawn by Faucher-Gudin, from a heliogravure in Ménant's Recherches sur la Glyptique orientale
Asherah - Canaanite fertility goddess and the wooden cult symbol that represented her. She is the consort of El in the Ugaritic texts.
British Museum EA 191, upper register of limestone stele of chief craftsman Qeh. Naked
Tammuz, statue by Imre Schrammel, National Theatre of Miskolc, Hungary. "ДУМУЗИ
Detail of the goddess Ishtar. From a cylinder seal in the British Museum.
Bunda <3
Tammuz (Bacchus) | Canaanites in 2018 | Pinterest | Bacchus, God and Dionysus
God of the Heavens (Baal Shamayim?) flanked by Sin and Shamash. Phœnician
Osiris on a lapis lazuli pillar in the middle, flanked by Horus on the left
Sarcophagus of Psusennes 1 (early 10th century BCE) formed as Osiris, with crook
Ishtar, Mesopotamian goddess of sexuality and warfare. The star atop her crown is Venus
Imagen:Baal Ugarit Louvre AO17330.jpg
Bas relief of the Tablet of Shamash, portraying the god Shamash on his throne,
A stele of the Assyrian king Šamši-Adad V (c.815 BCE)
This is some of the similarities between Sumerian (Mesopotamian) mythology/religion, comming out of the PIE-culture existing in the Armenian Highland, ...
Bas relief of the Tablet of Shamash, portraying the god Shamash on his throne,
Notes: Ahura Mazda, the Iranian and Proto-Indo-European supreme sky god … possibly related to Amaterasu?
Nebo in the British Museum.
stylised capital letter 'M'
Against The Gods of Egypt
The Cult of the Mother Goddess
From left, Storm God Ninurta, with bows and arrows. Ishtar, queen of
Wall relief depicting a winged and eagle-headed Apkallu (Sage). This protective
In Babylonia, the month Tammuz was established in honor of the eponymous god Tammuz, who originated as a Sumerian shepherd-god, Dumuzid or Dumuzi, ...
The star constellation of Hydra as a Babylonian Serpent-Dragon called Mushussu meaning "furious
Seated Goddess from Catal Hayuk
Relief fragment with Isis Lactans Alexandrie, Mother And Child, Ancient Art, Post Partum
Illustration: Shamash the Sun-god rising on the horizon, flames of fire ascending
Professor Langdon suggested that the below seated deity might be Tammuz as a god of grain
Tammuz and Ishtar.
Hierogamus, bed and couple. Period of the Amorite dynasties, early 2nd millennium BCE
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Limestone tablet depicting king Nabu-aplu-iddina being led into the presence of Šamaš
A depiction of the Egyptian god of writing, Thoth.
Goddess Inanna
At far left, Enkidu grapples with Gilgamesh, wearing a horned crown of divinity.
Gilgamesh defeating the Bull of Heaven.
“One ...
The goddess Ishtar, wearing the horned headdress of divinity, with spears and maces on
A boundary stone. The eight-pointed star of Ishtar appears at top left,
Apkallu portrayed with Ea, at far left, with water coursing from his shoulders.
The trickster god in mythology
Inanna - Ishtar Digital Art Fantasy, Fantasy Artwork, Wolf, Mythology, Landscapes,
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Disappearing (…and reappearing) deities – a Near Eastern theme
G-Syr 10: Pottery Statuette of Tanit
Monument funéraire, Adonis mourant: Museu Gregoriano Etrusco, Vatican. Uploaded by Jean-
Stephen Thompson - Asshur, Assyrian God, Marble Relief, British Museum, 1872 The
The Holy Trinity
The Virgin Goddess Studies in the Pagan and Christian Roots of Mariology | Mother Goddess | Mary, Mother Of Jesus
Dea Matrona
Dumuzi and Inanna have sex against an apple tree in a garden, mirroring the sexual overtones in the Eden story.
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Inanna is the ancient Sumerian goddess of love, sensuality, fertility, procreation, and also of war. Mesopotamia · Tammuz
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The Spring Triangle is an astronomical asterism involving an imaginary triangle drawn upon the celestial sphere, with its defining vertices at Arcturus, ...
The Holy Trinity
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We Will Now Examine Allat, (who is a Triple Goddess and is the same as Al Uzza and Al Manat).
The ...
Baal Hammon
1000 In the Elam empire (modern Iran), Naqsh-e Rustam is build, an altar for the Holy Trinity with three doors inside 3 crosses, by Aryans.
“St. ...
... is well documented in the Bible as one of Yahweh's peoples' chief adversaries in the Middle East. Anciently she was a pagan mother goddess with aspects ...
Such a viewpoint still arises in its essence from a great Mother Goddess, the personification
Christ was betrayed by a kiss from Judas Iscariot. Christ was wont to go to the garden of Gethsemane, a garden at the foot of the Mount of Olives in ...
History of the Mother goddess
The Routledge Dictionary of Gods and Goddesses, Devils and Demons
Referring to the Roman emperors and their beliefs of the solar deity, in this particular case Mithras worship, M. J. Vermaseren writes, ...
Enthroned Goddess Bulgarian goddess :