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Onew oppa I hope your neck injury gets better soon Take a rest
Onew oppa! I hope your neck injury gets better soon! Take a rest! You might not be able to dance, but your beautiful voice is waiting for you! fighting!!!
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ONEW ' Gangnam Severence Hospital ' // 110428
161208 #Onew - Vogue Korea December Issue: "SMTOWN GALA 2016, Sound of
He's so endearing.prob my fav gif of onew he looks rlly good here
Shinee - Onew/Jinki
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Onew looks like he's about to break Key's neck
all in one shinee source
Onew's face makes me happy.
Onew Intl Airport going to Japan
If there's one thing that he can eat for the rest of his life, it'll be CHICKEN!!!
Onew in pain, due to a neck injury, after K Will grabs him on the shoulder. (.gif). | Hallyu in 2018 | Pinterest | Shinee, Kpop and Taemin
Sexy Leader Onew ❤ SHINee Shinee Onew, Minho, Lee Taemin, Lee Jinki
SHINee gets honest in GQ interview
A very good morning to all my beloved fam #SHINeeWorld 💎! It's another brand
Get Well Soon oppa
Find this Pin and more on Onew Ache by asoftwarmbreeze.
Twitter update
Sarangheyo oppa❤ . . . . #onew #온유 #jonghyun #key
... #dibidibidis #dibidibidismynameisminho #choiminho #key #jonghyun #onew #minho #taemin #jinki #jjong #jjongie #ripjonghyun #jonghyunyoudidwell
Pls get better soon. Rest well for a speedy recovery. I love you #minho #choiminho #ming #sweetheartminho #flamingcharisma #flamer #dibidibidis #ILoveMinho ...
We will miss you leader onew 😍😍 take care and remember shawol always waiting you
The Man With Seven Personalities ( Lee Taemin )
Onew Oppa I'm really crying. I really wanna say u one thing plezzzz
Police will proceed to send Onew's sexual harassment case to prosecution : kpop
teachers day
SHINee's Onew Enlists Today: Shares His New Military-Ready Haircut + Bids Fans Farewell For Now With Heartfelt Letter : kpop
It's every fan's dream to have your oppa all for yourself even for one day. As a solution to this, kidnapping always crosses our minds.
Çok özleyeceğim ya gerçekten çok özleyeceğim. İlaç gibisin Onew ❤
As a twenty-something girl, and remove my early childhood, I can .
20 yr old Jungkook, at the top of his idol boyband career, has a secret only he & his bandmates know – An underground relationship, with you, ...
"I wish we were alone," Luhan whispered into your ear. You blushed, your eyes averting from the strange glances the other guests were giving you.
We will miss you leader onew 😍😍 take care and remember shawol always waiting you
I will prepare for a heartbreaking song with a sad atmosphere, before our temporary farewell
No wonder I felt something wrong this whole day! 😭 Minho Oppa~ pls be
Good night and get well soon my Dear😳 😢🙏💕 #SW2017FIVE #Onew
Super Junior's Leeteuk To Take Break From Acti.
... SHINee Minho suffers an injury on his face during filming for his movie 'Jangsari
play_circle_filled ❤ ❤ "Your Scent" ❤ ❤ °°° #
He read it. Mine is the second from the right.
Thank you oppa @dlstmxkakwldrl @shinee #온유 #
“Oppa!” Your younger sister yells at Onew. She runs up and grabs onto his leg. Onew instantly freezes and turns to you with wide eyes.
[💎] Recupérate pronto oppa 😣 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ [💎]
(171220) @jayjoonkim: my beloved donsaeng, jonghyun-ah. time passes by this fast. we were both so young then. i saw your face for the last time and greeted ...
photo_library Taemin at the MAYA Music Festival ~ 「 Jonghyun Oppa I love you so much I
My Favourite K-drama Women in 2016
And.... for sure I will insert this one too cos it is
Took a small break from my hiatus to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINHO Our Oppa is growing so gracefully Good luck on your movie and quick recovery in the hospital!
Sunflower Onew oppa 💛🌻
Onew's new album will be released on December 5 at 6 p.m. (KST) "His title track "Blue" is an R&B genre inspired by old-fashioned pop/jazz feeling.
Bloodlust (A Minsul Fanfic)
photo_library Key 'FACE' Showcase ~ 「 Jonghyun Oppa I love you so much I won
UFO Messages from Onew _1 / July 25, 2011
More controversy surrounding Kim Yong Guk surfaces, including derogatory comments about JBJ promotions : kpop
The Summer of 69
Welcome To SHINee Academy
H-24 My best leader in my life Onew oppa leader yang paling bijak, kuat, sabar dalam menghadapi para member dan dalam mengahadi segala cobaan untuk shinee ...
My beautiful soul~ you don't have any idea how precious and special you
The 5 Year Plan- Onew (M)
His nickname is Dubu because of his soft and pure personality ...
Its just 10 hrs before your actual birthday i hope you are fine and your injury
When Dr. Ford talked about Brett Kavanaugh covering her mouth with his hand, I was triggered. I have always been sensitive about my neck/throat since then, ...
You have ...
H-21 Ahhh hari ini kejutan banget buat aku dan pastinya buat para shawol..onew oppa akan debut solo Foto ini mengingatkan ku dengan kekonyolan onew oppa ...
EjXaVq3I by The-Rmickey
Onew Go Go With Mr Paik
SHINee sung 1000 Years With You and Moon River Waltz, two of their phenomenally pretty Japanese ballad tracks. There was a short VCR in Japanese which were ...